web design
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for social enterprises, charities
and sustainable businesses

Socha Design (a social enterprise not-for-profit) creates brand identities and simple, effective, SEO optimised websites, which connect with your chosen audiences long-term.

That includes your supporters and funders to help you to fulfil your mission and make the society a better place for all.

banner for social entrepreneurs, charity leaders and sustainable business owners saying; for the common good

how I help


Do you need a brand identity that connects with people on deeper levels? So it can help you to create long lasting relationships and support the work you do?

web design

Would you like to have a well-designed, SEO optimised website, that is easy to update, easy to maintain and is consistent with your brand identity?


Are you looking for hassle-free web-hosting and support with related technicalities? Also, a basic digital training, letting you to easily manage your website and brand?

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I worked with


National Health Service UK

brand identity, strategy, campaign

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largest nature conservation charity UK


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tit picking berries through winter

Our Cultures

social enterprise not-for-profit

brand identity, strategy, social media, web design

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one of Our Cultures’ guided walks in the Peak District National Park UK

Peace in the Park

music festival charity

brand identity

‘patches of peace’ made by Sheffield folks on one of the festival’s activities throughout the year with its hand made logo in the middle

Interpreters Yorkshire

civil society

brand identity, social media, campaign

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banner with greetings in some of the most spoken languages in the Yorkshire county

Green City Action

environmental charity

brand identity, strategy, social media

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the engines of the Green City Action; Saskia, Hazel and Jenny at the time : )

why Socha Design

design that works

Socha Design will guide you through an exploration of the most viable solutions for your organisation. The designs, based on research and data, won’t be just aesthetically appealing but will work as engines to support your efforts and mission.  


We together will develop the relevant visual communications, including brand identity, website and social media, to help you to achieve the positive changes you wish to happen.

living its values

Furthermore, Socha Design is a social enterprise (not-for-profit) supporting other not-for-profit organisations and businesses by its extra earnings. Especially those that would otherwise have struggled to pay for good-quality visual communication.

By choosing Socha Design, you also support others like you.
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