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Socha Design is a graphic design studio and a social enterprise (not-for-profit) based in Sheffield (UK).

We help other social enterprises, charities, local governments and sustainable businesses worldwide get noticed, connect with their chosen audiences and create long-lasting relationships.

our social mission

Socha Design’s surpluses are reinvested back into other social enterprises and charities that would otherwise have struggled to pay for high-quality visual communication.*

 We provide them with our services on a pro-Bono basis and also deliver free training to allow them to create consistent and professional-looking visual materials.

Through mentoring and financial assistance, we are planning to support children living in deprived areas who have an interest in the arts and visual communication. We will work directly with individuals or with chosen organisations.

*We support organisations which are running on very low budgets and have the potential to significantly contribute to the common good. Please get in touch if you think that you could qualify for free services from Socha Design.


The world we live in is continuously changing – and not necessarily for the better. 

According to the Famine Action Mechanism (FAM) a project of The World Bank 124 million people live with crisis-levels of food insecurity and over half of these people are affected by conflict. 

Climate change is threatening people’s health and livelihood across the globe. At this very moment, our environment is rapidly degrading, and numerous species are undergoing dramatic rates of decline, as a result of human activities.

This is just a fraction of the problems the world is facing. Life as we know it today simply might not be the same in the second half of this century.

To minimise the negative impact we have on ourselves and the environment, we need to stop wasting food and other resources. We need to replace fossil fuels with renewables and consume less and more responsibly. Most importantly, we need to change the way we think about ourselves and others.

All of us who are working towards social good are agents of change on a bigger scale. We need to embrace the challenges to help those in need with necessities such as access to freshwater, food, safe homes, strong local communities, work and education. Simultaneously encouraging them to become more self-aware and fulfilled human beings who are equipped with values benefiting everyone – including other forms of life and the environment we live in.

To be effective, we need to connect with each other. We need to collaborate and work across various disciplines. An open mind, innovation, passion and commitment are our strengths.

Get noticed, connect and maintain long term relationships while letting others know who you are, what you do, and for whom, using graphic design tools including logo design, web design, brand identity and more.

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