about Socha Design

supporting sustainable and not-for-profit culture

Socha Design is a not-for-profit graphic design studio working solely with sustainable businesses and not-for-profit organisations working towards the common good.

The studio creates engaging brand identities and easily managed, SEO optimised websites that are driving the results you wish to see.

social mission

Socha Design’s surpluses are reinvested back into other sustainable businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Especially those struggling to pay for good-quality visual communication.*

I provide them with services on a pro-bono basis. Also, I deliver free training to allow them to create simple, yet professional-looking visual materials.

Through mentoring and financial assistance, I am planning to support underprivileged children, particularly those who have an interest in the arts and visual communication. I will work directly with the children or with chosen organisations.

*With free services from Socha Design I support organisations which are running on very low budgets, and those who have the potential to contribute to the common good. Please get in touch if you think that you could qualify.

who am I

I am a graphic designer with 12 years of experience, currently based in Tromsø, NO.

30 years of experience in photography enhances my abilities to communicate a story as a graphic designer. Feel free to have a look at a few photos of mine in a little gallery. 

Through my work as a social entrepreneur, I support the cultural shift towards mutual understanding, collaboration and sustainable living. 

One of my side projects is Our Cultures

Our Cultures is an organisation that also helps people from different countries to understand each other, and the environment we live in, better. This is through a variety of mediums, namely events, workshops, and other experiential and educational spaces.

where I am going

My partner Méline and I are living 300km above the Arctic Circle getting ready to start our family soon.

In Norway, we are based in a small city surrounded by pristine nature and a cohesive local community resonating with values such equality, trust and collaboration. By them, we would love to get inspired more, eventually, become one with them.

You can find out more about me on my personal Facebook page if you like, or even better, just get in touch!

photo of Jozef Palguta, the Socha Design founder
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