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Socha Design assisted with the branding for Green City Action (GCA) – a hiring tool project ‘Sheffield Community Toolbank’ and created a series of logos to rise interest and engagement of the local communities.

Green City Action (GCA) is an established and award winning environmental charity serving the disadvantaged and multicultural ward of Burngreave in Sheffield and the surrounding area. Committed to raising awareness of issues in their community, they work with local people and other organisations to improve the environment for all.

A GCA project called ‘Toolbank’ had been encouraging people to share tools (rather than buy new ones, which were often used less than once a year), but was stagnating.

Improvements were needed for the project to continue. The database and booking system were upgraded to help its users better navigate through the inventory.

Toolbank’s brand identity also required a makeover to attract new audiences who could become users and supporters.

GCA proposed to keep the name ‘Toolbank’ or to rename it ‘GCA Toolbank’. After Socha Design discussed the brief with GCA, they identified the ‘community’ element as an asset of the charity and differentiator on the market and suggested the name ‘Sheffield Community Toolbank’.

This instantly transmitted the function of the project and to whom it was devoted. The new name attracted the attention of people currently borrowing tools from corporate businesses, who as potential customers, would consider benefitting from helping the community and potentially saving themselves money.

​About the work: The updated logo is clearer and harmonious. The colour palette is synchronised and specified also in PANTONE (colour matching system) which allows consistent colour reproduction on various materials.

The lightest green shade on the leaves appears to be illuminating the inside of the ribbon by the leaves and spreading the light around. Newly selected font Fertigo Pro was lowered to feel more approachable and grass roots like. Its appearance resembles plants and has an organic feeling rather than formal and authoritative.

Sheffield was well known for its industry – coal mining and steel. However, those days are gone and Sheffield has become known as a green city, having more trees per person than any other city in Europe. Its two universities and numerous sustainable projects running in the city are the flagships, changing the city’s image further. The industrial and dirty becomes sustainable and green.

This is symbolised by the leaves steaming out from the last letter ‘d’ in the world Sheffield.

The handwritten font Unicorn Sparkles is used to refer to the community and humanise the logo.

The logos are part of a so called ‘dynamic identity’ and used interchangeably signalling dynamism and action. Green City Action is just about this.

The social media icon is compound of the leaves present on every logo including the main GCA logo. This is securing recognisability, crucial in all communications.

Selected imagery and content of the photographs used on the website, social media banners and promotional materials, were advised to be ‘actions’ (referring to Green City Action) rather than static images of sunflowers, vegetables and so forth as was used in the past.

This is to make the communication more appropriate and consistent, increasing its relevancy therefore trust with the organisation and helping to strengthen the relationships with the people it works with.

Sheffield Community Toolbank logos an the main GCA logo are in an obvious relationships with each other.

To create a visually appealing symbol that communicated the charity’s values and beliefs whilst giving a nod to the main charity logo, Socha Design had to improve the GCA logo first. However, GCA trustees and coordinators didn’t want any major changes to their main logo so only some adjustments were made.


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