Peace in the Park

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Socha Design explained the importance of branding and good quality visual communication embedded in logos companies use as symbols with deeper meanings to connect with their audiences. Then refined the logo to communicate the brand’s identity and character better.

Peace in the Park has been running since 2003, to promote peace and understanding by bringing communities together through music, art and vocal expression. The annual festival creates a connection between people, agencies, organisations and networks and by working together has become a movement as well as part of the Sheffield cultural skyline.

Its positive vibes have spread around so much that an unofficial underground after party, ‘Peace in the Dark’ has been created and organised by locals in the nearby Peak District National park.

The initial Peace in the Park logo was based on an iconic tree that is growing in the entrance of Endcliffe Park (Sheffield), where the festival started. Later the festival moved location to The Ponderosa Park.

About the work: ​A questionnaire was sent to the Peace in the Park followers which identified associations people have to the festival.

The following were the one most voiced; peace, community, green, together, grass, music, gold, heart, love and food.

The logo has been smoothed out and its colours warmed up to radiate harmony. Two hearts were added to represent peace and love, with a dove taking the message from the ‘peace tree’ to the future (the left to right writing suggests the direction of time). You might also notice nine fruits added to the tree to make it ‘tastier’. And finally the font reflecting egalitarian diverse communities, short cut grass and grass roots organisation.

Whilst the directors wanted a new and improved logo that spread peace, love and harmony, they didn’t want to forget the tree, the festivals beginnings or people’s association to the longstanding event.


Peace in the Park


brand idenity


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