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Strategic positioning

what it is

The widely accepted definition of strategic positioning is; “a mental device used by people to simplify information inputs and store new information in a logical place”.

On a simplified perceptual map (ABC), each letter represents a different brand positioning. Can you suggest any brands for A, B or C? Where do you see your organisation?

*high cost/low cost and profit/ethical could be replaced by collaborative/competitive and small/big or classical/flexible and serious/friendly etc

strategic positioning perceptual map in a form of simple cross ending with 'high cost' 'low cost', 'profit' and 'ethical' In within are A, B and C circles positioned in relation to the crosses endings

perceptual map of a brand

advantages of strategic positioning

In a time of information overload, people have a natural tendency to discard unclear or unwanted information. It’s essential to position your organisation, in peoples’ minds well. So they remember you and come back to you over again.

Brand positioning can differentiate you from others on the market. Simultaneously, align you with organisations with similar objectives and values. And that is by creating associations of ideas around you, your goods and/or services.

The associations then occupy a place in people’s minds and are remembered better in relation to your organisation.

Furthermore positioning will:

  • give you clarity on your specific values
  • guidepost your mission and vision
  • amplify your storytelling and messaging
  • make effective design choices
  • acilitate easier connections with your audiences


Socha design can help your organisation to strategise effectively and deliver tangible results.

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