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Socha Design offers website technical support where you need it the most. I understand that you might be good at human relationships, co-coordinating or planning. However, choosing and registering your domain name, web-hosting, or digital training might be something you would like to leave with me.

how it works

Throughout our initial meeting, we’ll identify and clarify your needs, including any support you might benefit from. Later in the course of the project, you’ll get an opportunity to subscribe to ongoing support. That’s to make it easier for you if you wish.

our relationship and support

Our relationship might carry on throughout the years. We can help to maintain your organisation’s (technical) health. Also, help you to keep adjusting to ongoing changes, in the environment your company lives in. We’ll stay in touch via the support you can choose from. Or by quarterly updates, or monthly (online) meetings, if you wish.


support services for you

web hosting

A hassle-free and fast web-hosting boosting your SEO. By hosting your website at Socha Design, you’ll get outstanding service, including offers, saving you money. As a bonus, there is ongoing technical support helping you when facing difficulties.

website backup

Your website will be ‘backed up’ every day. Just in case you delete it by an accident which happens. I can even restore specific parts of your website such; files, databases or emails and take another burden from your shoulders.

website security

Hackers never sleep. First of all, to keep your website and its data safe, there is a free SSL secured connection for you. Then systems which block malicious bots and attackers. Additionally, a firewall, regular security updates and more if needed.

email hosting

Email @ your domain name, unlimited number of free email accounts, used with secure protocols, and significantly less spam. Host your email at Socha Design. It’s easy.

domain support

Initial domain setup or domain transfer might be much easier if you leave it with me. From advice on choosing your domain name through its configuration, I am here to help you. 


I will familiarise you with easy management of your website and brand. Concise documentation will remind you of what you learned if needed.

how much is a support package

Support services might be a one-off payment or regular instalments. It depends on your needs. Let’s say that if you need just a basic web-hosting, you’ll pay a few euro / pounds a month. However, a combination of services, complex ongoing support, and elaborate brand guidelines will cost more.

To answer this one, it’s better to talk about it. Choose from above and their combinations, and/or put together some extra questions and contact me. I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

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